Www.Three.co.uk – ‘Three’ is a telecommunication company that runs in the United Kingdom. They are also service providers and are known to give great 3g and 4g services over the locations they cover.


On their online platform, they offer the sales of phones inbuilt with the ‘pay as you’ go sim cards that are available at prices that are affordable.

Boasting to be the best brand when it comes to internet and data services. They have further proved their stance by introducing the Wi-Fi calling. This is available to all users under the ‘three’ brand. And they are able to make calls to each other if there is a total disruption in the network, or services become poor. This is available by strings of underground connections made beneath the city. Wi-Fi calls, although do not transfer to data, when cut off from the ‘three’ Wifi connection, causes calls to disconnect when trying to switch from Wi-Fi 33 to data, or otherwise.

Services on Www.Three.co.uk

Many other services in the Www.Three.co.uk website will further be listed and explained below.

  1. Sim Only deals
  2. Pay as you go deals
  3. Phone contract deals.
  • Sim only deals

A sim only deal is that which is available for those who are comfortable with the type of phones they have, but want a different or more solid data plan. Having to use the sim only deal saves cost in acquiring another phone with it, and these deals come with diversified offers to make it easier to pay for. Payments can be made on a one-month basis, or 12 – month, as the case may be. This deal is so flexible, that it allows for contracts with minutes, contracts with text messaging and then finally for internet data connections.


This type of contract includes the customer ordering for the purchase of both the phone and the sim package. For example, buying the iPhone 5s comes with the benefit of acquiring a great phone having a sleek sophisticated design, carrying elegance that is admired by so many persons. Then imagine getting a data services with the choices of making calls abroad without extra costs, while using a powerful 4g network alongside. What could be better than that? Not to talk about having the special ability to control your spending, by blocking your phones from making calls to some specific numbers, and at particular times, thereby restricting you from spending above your allowances.


This offers diversified deals that enables customers to make calls, send text messages, and surf the internet without incurring much cost. With pay, as you go, call rates become cheap, with this package offering lots of bonuses and discounts. It is best known for the ease at which it is topped up.


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