Windows Live is a brand-name for web services and products solely from Microsoft for all of their users and service platform. Although the brand name is discontinued, it is now replaced by the Office 365 brand.

windows live

While Windows Live was still in place, it has under it web services, software programs that interrelate with these web services, and mobile apps for mobile devices that offer these web services to all mobile clients.

Microsoft made Windows Live as a way to bring the Windows experience to every and all user.  So there’s the Windows Live

  • Messenger
  • Family Safety
  • Toolbar
  • Writer
  • OneCare
  • Mail
  • Photo Gallery
  • Movie Maker
  • Live Essentials

Though most of these services were hindered for operating systems below Windows 8, with the new branding most of them are being renamed to

  • Xbox Live
  • Games for Windows Live
  • Office Live

and you can get them on Windows 8 and above. These upgrades for Windows 8 and above were given the ability to be synced with the Onedrive platform. This brand (Windows Live) of Microsoft Windows came to an end duly in 2012 with the introduction of Windows 8 but the services remained and were gradually renamed to fit the new products and market needs.

Windows Live Continued Services

The phasing out of Windows Live didn’t bring an end to a huge list of services. They were continued with the new branding and made available under the same name or renamed to fit in. the list of names and their recent names goes thus:

  • Calendar was renamed to Outlook Calendar
  • People
  • Search was renamed to Bing
  • Office was renamed to Office web apps/Office online
  • Skydrive was renamed Onedrive
  • Hot mail was renamed
  • ID was changed to Microsoft Account
  • LIVE@edu was renamed to Office 365 for Education
  • Office was rebranded as Office web apps/Office online

Amongst all these, Microsoft still maintained syncing with Windows Phone Services, Developer Services which works as Live Connect and Search Services which is Bing.

Future of Windows Live

While most Windows Vista and Windows 7 users have gotten so used to the Windows Live “Essentials” they need to get started up on working towards the recent windows operating systems.

From what I know, Microsoft has totally stopped upgrading these “Essentials”. So imagine using an application or a set of web services without an upgrade. I mean, your mobile itself updates on a regular, so does your desktop OS.

If these services have been made dormant since the release of windows 8, it is better to just jump-shift to the latest operating system out there. Are we here talking about windows 8 when windows 10 is already in existence?

These OS companies are bent on moving us along with life and a better user experience that they totally forget most basics of what we started with. Besides, Microsoft will continuously be conscious of its market rival (MacOS) and this totally means “No going back”.

Windows 8 and 10 bring more aesthetic feel to the windows platform and a better set of improved web services, developer services and mobile applications. So the discontinuing of Windows Live might not totally be a bad thing.


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