Waptrick.com is amongst the popular sites. Here, anyone can visit to download Music, MP3 files, Videos, Games, pictures, theme, ringtones, and any mobile app file for free. All these can be done without paying any sort of sub or plan.


Waptrick.com also offers other amazing services like lyrics to songs and daily horoscope reading. They offer a  wide range of funny animations, millions of mp4 video download and wallpaper for mobile phones and PCs.

Waptrick can be related to Nairaland.com. This is because they both welcome guests and signed up members the same time. It’s just that sign up keeps you up to date with new uploads.

Waptrick has files that are compatible with Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, and iPhone devices. So it filters through to give you files that suit with your devices alone.

When a site thrives as great as Waptrick has thrived it becomes no distant news that clones of the same site might come into that market sphere. To either be a better competitor or be beaten down by the first website. So far there are other sites that take up the challenge to be an exact clone of waptrick.com and they are:

  • Wapkid.com – Provides a clone of Waptrick that offers content for kids.
  • Wapdam.com – Also a clone but adds other features of its own while mirroring the original website.
  • Wapday.com – Usually a direct option to waptrick.com and is highly recommended by many.
  • Sharemobile.ro – Makes it easy to share content to other mobiles and web pages.

How to Download From Waptick.Com

Downloading files is quite easy that even first-time users won’t have difficulty navigating through the website to find any category of app you are looking for.

Even though Waptrick offers many features that can be accessed with ease, a website is solely focused on games. Games for both PC and mobile devices, all you have to do is

  • Visit www.waptrick.com
  • Search for your interest
  • Click on it to see different versions of your search
  • Next, you select your preferred quality
  • Tap on it to start the download process
  • After download is complete, you can open the file to view it.

Features of Waptrick.Com

Waptrick features

  • Android Apps
  • MP4 Movies
  • Animations
  • Picture
  • Sounds
  • Sound FX library
  • Mp3 Music
  • Themes
  • Pc versions of all stated above
  • Online streaming
  • Wallpapers

Waptrick is the best online portal for mobile and PC downloads with many benefits for both desktop and mobile versions.



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