Enjoy all the new and improved features of Facebook today. How can I do this you may be thinking? It’s easy, just Update Facebook App. For all iPhone and Android users, this info is distinctly for you since we are not just talking about Facebook here but it’s App. Sometimes, we find ourselves using outdated apps but later get to find out from others it’s outdated. You may ask how this can be avoided. Because it’s becoming pretty embarrassing to you. Just be relaxed am here for you.

Let’s get this through!

Update Facebook App

How To Update Facebook App

To all Facebook users and lovers, you may be unaware that there is more than one way to Update Facebook App and am going to be discussing them with you briefly;

  • Firstly, if you consistently use Facebook on your iPhone or Apple device, you tend to get notifications from Facebook directly to Updated Facebook App. Though, it is important but they leave you with a chose to update app but it is dependent on you to click ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ and just by clicking on the option to updated, you get your Facebook App updated. Quite easy isn’t it? Am sure it is.
  • Secondly, you can update your app by downloading the current version on your Apple or Google Playstore depending on which of the devices you are making use of (iPhone or Android). You can adapt this method if you don’t get notifications for updates.

If you are not acquainted with how you could make these downloads, just look below.

How To Download Facebook On Your Android Device

Get your Facebook Mobile App on your Android device just by following this steps;

  • Open your Google Playstore
  • Type ‘Facebook App’( The latest version would be displayed on top)
  • Click download
  • Install
  • Sign in and get the best out of your update.

How To Download Facebook On Your Apple Device

There is also a huge similarity in downloading from Apple play and Google Playstore. Check it out;

  • Enter your Apple Play
  • Go on your search menu and type in ‘ Facebook App’
  • Click download
  • And Install

That’s all!

With these insight, I know you’ve learn how to Update Facebook App and why you should get it updated. Never miss out or be told about what’s new on Facebook any longer. Just Update your Facebook app.


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