TextNow is a mobile platform that offers texting and calling services. It is completely free and unlimited and has a personal computer interface. The app integrates with your contacts immediately you sign up.


You will also be given a unique phone number that you can use to reach out to your contacts. This number is given based on your area code and is unique to each user. After setting up your Text Now account, you can start sending and receiving unlimited texts and calls within the United States and Canada.

The app was developed in 2009 and is the first cloud-based mobile phone provider. The app can be used with a TextNow phone and on any device that can supports it. Users can login to other devices and have their contacts and messages synced for free. Windows, Android and iOS platforms supports the TextNow app unless stated otherwise.

Features of TextNow

  • Add your customized signatures to each text you send
  • Quick reply feature
  • Home screen widget on your device to launch the TextNow app, compose a message, or to make a call
  • Make and receive voice calls
  • Buy minute packs or earn credits for calls when you complete partnered offers
  • Make free & unlimited voice calls with other users
  • Set specific tones for calls and texts or adjust to just vibrations.
  • Customizable backgrounds and wallpapers
  • Customizable ringtones and wallpapers for each contact
  • Send and receive picture messages
  • Save pictures after receiving them
  • Voicemail services
  • Caller ID services
  • Call Forwarding options
  • Access to Google SmartLock vaults
  • Use emoticons to express yourself better when texting
  • The web extension (TextNow.com)
  • Message syncing for both your mobile device and web extension

How to download the TextNow app

The App is available for both Android and iOS devices. To download the TextNow app, you can

  • Open your device App Store by tapping its icon on your mobile device
  • Search for TextNow
  • Tap to open it and click on install
  • Enter password if necessary, allow the app to be installed
  • Launch app when installation is complete
  • Set up your profile
  • Start making unlimited calls with your private number

TextNow allows users to customize the look of the application and create a personal voicemail greeting message. Additional charges apply when you call any other country asides the United States and Canada. The application is compatible with devices like iPod Touch and Wi-Fi only tablets that lack network capabilities.


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