Tesco is an international company that deals with the sales of groceries and general merchandise, having their headquarters in England, UK. When measured by the rate at which they rake in profits, they stand as the 3rd largest retailer.


And when measured in terms of revenue generated, they stand within the first 10 position, when compared to other retailers. It also boasts about having shopping outlets in over 10 countries from across Asia to Europe. When it comes to the United Kingdom, they are proudly the best-rated retailers when you think about grocery shopping.

Known to be a UK retailing brand from the onset, Tesco started extending their niche towards the sales of other products including the sales of books, electrical appliances, toys, gas and fuel products etc. In the 90’s, they successfully elevated themselves from the level of being a retailer of the down market to one that has the ability to reach across to many sets of customers. By offering them a wider range of products that would suit the needs of a wider audience/customer base. This upgrade was a success and sparked a massive increase in their total number of stores at their disposal in the mid 90’s

Tesco Marketing Strategy Used

No branded company can survive without marketing, as information about the products needs to be made known to the general public. Marketing and advertisement don’t necessarily mean the same thing, it should be noted that any form of advertising is just one of the numerous ways of marketing. The strategies taken to market their products includes everything discussed below;

  • Advertising

It should come as no surprise, as advertisements are one of the most influential ways of linking your products to its consumers. The company makes deep use of written and printed materials for their advertisements, as it has been tried and trusted for good amount of times.

It should also be noted that although the company has drastically reduced the size of their budget allocated for adverts, they still thrive with the use of printed materials because of the lasting impact the use of prints has had in the grocery industry.

Sales Promotion

Different types of sales Promotion are used to play important roles in marketing Tesco products and services. They speed up sales through exciting and appealing promos like:

Use of Club card.

With clubcards, customers are able to earn themselves free vouchers from saving up points all throughout the year while shopping with Tesco. This has encouraged persons to shop for more, as they know about the salivating results awaiting them at the end of the year.

Free gifts.

The supermarts offer exciting promos that enable customers to get free gifts when they shop. The buy one and get one free promo is regularly done to boost the sales of their products, especially during festive seasons. These Promotions are done hand in hand with manufacturers, who place ads regarding these promos on their stickers or product covers and wrappers.


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