Shoeme – This is an online footwear shop were you call buys all sorts of footwear that you desire. That comes in various styles and design. is an American online retailer of footwear and apparel from 1996-2017.  The company owned and operated by SHOES.COM,, and, and is a part of the Hardy Capital Portfolio.


Six months later, acquired, and shortly after the company announced a rebranding under On May 20, announced it had raised net proceeds of approximately $45 million. employed 250 people across North America. Generated revenue of almost $200 million yearly. And offered a selection of 500 brands to its 8 million customers across the US and Canada. As of May 2015, the company was valued at $320 million. The company’s headquarter was located in Vancouver.

The company had two private footwear and accessory lines, PIKA and Hardy Design Works, which were both sold exclusively on SHOES.COM.

Shoeme – Online Technology In Marketing

Shome has a well-recognized website and has derived a lot of sales from customers, who has access to this website. They further went on to create mobile apps, making it easier to be reached by their customers. Their mobile App allows for taking reviews on different styles of footwear. And this enables them to know styles that are more in demand or not.

  • Brand Style

This brand and their associates spans across over hundreds of stores. They sell shoes for both men and women in the US, Canada, Africa and even across the Asian continent. Their recent successes were built on the fact they were able to match top design brands, by producing ready-to-wear trends. While also keeping their prices at a steady and affordable rate.

  • Brand Analysis

Shoeme has moderately large stores almost everywhere in the world, and they continue to double up at an exciting rate. With the ability to shop that contains different styles of footwear attracting different types of customers overly successful who stop Shoeme has a bit of introducing new styles/ fresh merchandise every single day. Therefore, distinguishing them from other stores like them. With that aforementioned, if a customer doesn’t by what they see immediately they may never get to see it again.

For this brand, selling or marketing of Shoes is not the only priority, as they also intend to perpetuate moral values. And give u a long lasting comfortable footwear to walk in.


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