Primark is a company that deals with the sales of clothes and fashion accessories, it is also a subsidiary of AB Foods, having its HQ in Dublin. In the Republic of Ireland, they are known as ‘PENNEYS’. The very first store that was created by this brand was found by Arthur Ryan in June 1969 and the store is still fully operating up till this day.


The company is known for selling fashion products, including shoes and clothing. They are rated very high and they have matched their ratings by providing quality products accompanied with great services for their customers. They usually target the rich and average class as their customers and have a strong belief that they can continue to provide the perfect atmosphere for their customers.

Primark is constantly using online means to promote their products, and have been successful in getting customers to come to them through these links. They have active pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc., and they display information about products, as well as answer questions concerning the products, and give advice on how to use.


Primark is not known to be an advertising company, and it has taken a toll on them, as other competing companies have invested huge capitals in advertisements and are raking up the rewards.

Primark does advertise but doesn’t make it a priority. They depend on the quality of their products to speak for itself, and its working pretty fine, but for now only. In the future, marketing of your brand properly is going to depend largely on how you are able to reach your customers and get them close to you. And one of the few tested and trusted ways to do this is through the use of advertising platforms, which spans from social media to television adverts, print media adverts etc.

It is known that Primark is having a tough time with customers because of their high prices. That is one of their major disadvantages.  They face this challenge because they still just focus all their attention on producing high-quality products using high-quality materials.

But having to produce best quality products is not the ultimate goal of a brand. These products have to get to the consumers, and it could be done by

  • Introducing creative advertisements
  • Reducing prices of products, to meet the ability of potential consumers.
  • Broaden their horizon, and sell a wider range of products.
  • Use social media marketing to the fullest


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