How to link WhatsApp to Facebook – WhatsApp has become the most popular application on smartphones, and Facebook on the other hand, as the giant of all social media platforms have come up with new privacy policies, giving permission to link Facebook accounts to WhatsApp accounts.

How to link WhatsApp to Facebook

This link between Facebook and WhatsApp gives Facebook more data about users, enabling the social network to suggest phone contacts as friends. WhatsApp has data including phone numbers and information about users phones and operating systems which gives Facebook more data about users.

Most Facebook users already share their phone number and address book with the app, while some choose not to, opting to keep their number which many work colleagues may have, separate from their personal life on Facebook.

Facebook, on the other hand, has promised users, that it will not reveal phone numbers, by displaying them on Facebook profiles, but instead plans on using the data to improve its friend suggestion algorithm. This implies that users who agree to this policy may start seeing their profile pop up in friends suggestions of those who have their phone number saved in their phone since Facebook will now have the access of linking your phone number with your account. However, users can opt out of sharing their details with Facebook.

This changes, in turn, will also help Facebook fight spam accounts and understand better how people use the apps. WhatsApp users, who will get an alert asking them to agree to the policy, will have to approve it in the next 30 days to keep on using the app.

How to link WhatsApp to Facebook

  • Make use of the three dots in the upper right of your screen to scroll to “Settings” and tap “Account”.
  • Toggle “Share my account information” to the left
  • Next, a grey pop-up box will ask if you are sure you don’t need WhatsApp to share your data with Facebook
  • Tap “Don’t share”

How to Share or Forward a WhatsApp Message to Facebook

  1. Long tap the message/image/video/audio which you desire to share. And choose it, if done correctly, a blue color line highlights it.
  • Tap the share button on the upper right corner in WhatsApp, and your video gets shared.

How to share a link from Facebook to WhatsApp

  • Tap open Facebook, Share the link or Save Image and Drop it. Now a list of option appears.
  • Tap on Share External ( which now opens the list of available apps which can share the file
  • Navigate to the bottom
  • Tap on WhatsApp
  • Choose the contact or Group you want to send to.


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