Good day friends! Today I am here to properly educate you on How to Block Someone on Facebook with ease. It is a simple process that must be taken into in-depth consideration by users. Sometimes you get to receive messages from users you may not know.

How to Block Someone on Facebook It then becomes intruding of one’s privacy because the messages are not really relevant to you but they are just endless. These may even be spams and you may want to block these users sometimes for reason best known to you alone.

How to Block Someone on Facebook

Doing this is quite a simple process. Don’t make people let you think it is complicated because I can assure you it’s not. The following steps should be considered on How to Block Someone on Facebook with simplicity.

  • Get on your Facebook Home Page
  • At the top right of the page click ‘Privacy Shortcuts’
  • Select ‘How do I stop someone from bothering me?’
  • Enter the username of the user you want to block
  • Click ‘Block’
  • Make a selection on the displayed list on the user you wish to block
  • And click ‘Block’ for the second time.

There and then you have your blocking process completed.

What Happens After Blocking A User?

For those of you who do not know what it means to block someone on Facebook am here to enlighten you on that. Now, blocking someone on Facebook simply means putting an end to mutual interactions between you and a particular user. This even goes extremely because after you block someone, you can’t add the person any longer as a friend if it is a permanent blocking process.

This is a permanent dissociation between you and that person. This occurrence is private. That is, when you block someone they are not notified they’ve been blocked at all until they realize they can’t see you on Facebook any longer or that you are not on their friends list. When you block someone, the person no longer has access to your profile. You also may decide to block someone temporarily. All it takes is you following these step;

  • Get on your news feed or on their timeline
  • Hover your mouse over their name
  • Click the ‘Friends button’ when the pop-up window appears
  • Click ‘Add to another list’
  • Scroll all the way down
  • And click ‘Restricted’

Now, that is how you temporarily block someone on Facebook. And am also very sure you know How to Block Someone on Facebook.



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