GroupMe is a messaging app that is owned by Microsoft for group mobile messaging. The idea for this mobile platform was perceived at the 2010 TechCrunch Disrupt. Its founders are Jared Hecht and Steve Martocci who somehow raised US$10.6 million in a bid to bring GroupMe to a reality.

groupme app

Skype bought the start-up in mid-2011 for about $80 million even though Skype was already a part of Microsoft (Microsoft purchased Skype in May 2011) as such, a redesign of the app was paramount. Microsoft/Skype ensured the redesign took place as early as 2012.

GroupMe itself was launched in May 2010 by the original start-up GroupMe Company which happened to be a private company. As at 2011 before the purchase by Skype, the GroupMe mobile app was counting over 100 million delivered messages each month. And before its redesign in 2012, the number of delivered messages was around 550 million. After the redesign by Microsoft and Skype in 2013, the mobile app had over 12 million registered users.

How to Use GroupMe

Just like every other mobile app or social platforms out there, there are rules as to how to use them. These rules doesn’t restrict to the fact that it’s a mobile app so it has to be used on a mobile platform. Most of the social media platforms today are vast in their mode of operation and use. For instance, Whatsapp mobile app. The mode of use isn’t solely restricted to mobile platforms alone, there’s a web extension that allows you converse with family and friends while working from a desktop computer or a personal computer.

This is why following the rules to which an app can be used is sometimes necessary but not limiting. For GroupMe, downloading of the mobile app is very vital to its mode of use.

  • When you download the app you can then access the service online.
  • Create an account for yourself using your name, phone number and create a password
  • You can also use the platform extension by connecting through Facebook or Twitter
  • Your contacts will be synced so you can easily make groups of any size
  • All group(s) is assigned a label and a unique number

Features of GroupMe

After all the steps above, its primary features will now be made available to you. You can start

  • Sharing photos
  • Adding as many contacts as you please to a group you create
  • Sharing videos
  • Chat privately with a group participant
  • Mute a conversation
  • View gallery of previously uploaded pictures
  • Share locations
  • Create and share events as you please and
  • Share your personalized emojis

All these surprisingly isn’t the limit of the features GroupMe has available. It also has a web client version and an SMS extension for users who don’t want to go mobile. The mobile app can be downloaded for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. With GroupMe you can easily stay in touch with family, friends, co-workers and dates just by creating a group for each of them.


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