Google Hangouts is a social media platform that has support for instant messaging, voice call protocol, video chat, and SMS features. It incorporates Google+, has taken over the Google+ messenger and previously messaging services created by Google.

google hangouts

The service also stands to be the future of Google Voice, which is a telephony service that provides voicemail, voice, and text messaging, call forwarding, a U.S. and international call services for all Google Account holders. This means Hangouts have most of the features of Google voice and users can be messaged by their Google+ accounts.

Features of Google Hangouts

  • Conversations between two or more users
  • Users can be reached through Gmail or Google+
  • Android and iOS mobile apps
  • Less third-party app access
  • Syncing of chat histories between devices online
  • Watermark for user’s avatar
  • Photo sharing
  • Picture backup in a private Google+ album
  • Use of color emoji during a chat
  • Group video chat with up to 10 users at a time
  • Browser extensions for internet explorer users
  • Default SMS app for Nexus 5 with support for GIF and location sharing
  • Free voice calls to other Hangouts users and calls to the United States and Canada.
  • Google Hangouts and Hangouts Dialler apps for calls on other Android mobile devices
  • … And lots more.

How to use Google Hangouts

Learning how to use Google maps will grant you ease for meetings, hook ups, conferences, or social interactions. You can video chat, get your team to collaborate with your, and/or share files and contents across the world. To get the most out of your Hangouts, you should follow the following steps:

  1. Sign in to Google+
  2. Click on Hangouts from the left side of the Google+ page
  3. Click on the plus sign to create a new Hangouts
  4. Your list of contacts and Google+ circles will come up.
  5. Check a contact or circle to add to the Hangouts.
  6. Click or tap on a contact or existing Hangouts to start texting them


When the person you texted isn’t online, the messages sent will be received when next they log into Hangouts.

You can adjust your chat settings by clicking on the settings button in the chat window for desktop users. Mobile users should tap on the menu button to select settings options that best suits them.

Lastly, download the app to your Android and iOS devices to access the app on the go. Remember, chat histories are saved online so whatever device you pick up “on the go” you are still covered.


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