Facebook Video Uploader

Facebook Video Uploader is an app that enables users do a proper upload of videos on their Facebook page. It is unique because of its function and is really exiting to use. I am pretty sure you can’t wait to hear all about it. Not everyone uploads videos on Facebook but it is a great opportunity and can be of help in promotion and awareness areas.

Facebook Video Uploader

Download Facebook Video Uploader

The Facebook Video Uploader app is available to Android and Apple users on their devices and can be gotten from your Apple or Android stores. This app helps you upload HD videos on Facebook. To download your Facebook Video Uploader take the following steps;

  • Get on your IOS or Google Playstore
  • Type ‘Facebook Uploader’ on your search menu
  • You will be introduced to different referrers
  • Click on the version best compatible with your device
  • Download and
  • Install

There is an integration between the Facebook Video Uploader and your Facebook account. Just in case you have been wondering how it is possible for this work. It is very interesting to use even if lots of users aren’t yet aware of it.

How to Upload Videos on Facebook

Aside from using Facebook Video Uploader for video uploads please allow me give you insights on how you can upload videos on your Facebook profile. Now this is how it can be down with ease.

  • Login your Facebook account
  • Click ‘Add photo/video’ at the top of your timeline in your profile
  • Pick a video of your chose
  • And click ‘Post’


NOTE – You follow the same procedure also when it comes to uploading a photo on Facebook.

It is a very ease process and takes no time as long as you have good data connection. And also, Facebook has a video acceptance capacity for files smaller than 1.75 GB which means your video should be less than 45 minutes.





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