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Facebook Profile – My Facebook Profile | Facebook New Account – Facebook is a social networking platform that has been in existence since 2004. The Facebook site has a structure that is uniquely defined to it. It has the following tabs:

facebook profile

  • News Feed
  • Friends
  • Wall
  • Timeline
  • Likes & Reactions
  • Comments
  • Messages & Inbox
  • Notifications
  • Groups

and some general basic features that are aligned with these. The arrangements of these tabs are peculiar to the kind of device used to access the platform.

The Facebook Profile Structure

The different type of profiles on Facebook works for different purposes. Within the past years, Facebook has noticed a huge range of increase in its usage. With the increase came a lot of responsibilities on its shoulders. Responsibilities in the sense that the platform moved from dealing with just personal users. It moved on to handle data for business owners and start-ups inclusive.

This brought about the different types of profile Facebook has, namely:

– Personal: This is the space where individual users share their personal info about friends, what is currently happening around them, about themselves and about colleagues.

With the personal Facebook profile, users can have full control over their privacy settings and settings over shared contents. And full control over these settings allow them choose who they want to be in contact with but this kind of profile comes with a limit of 5000 friends.

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– Corporate Pages: Comes with space for different purposes with its sole focus on both communicating with clients, potential customers and basically sharing info about the company’s activities.

Allows for details and control over the company’s history, company goals & company values. And with this kind of profile page, Facebook users solely decide if they want to be a part of the business/company’s corporate world or not.

– Group and Events: These profiles come in handy when you want to promote a particular idea, cause or event. While the personal profile can create and the group and events pages, the corporate profile can create and manage just the event page. Fortunately, the events and group pages can be made “open” for every user or “closed”. When it is closed, it has to take a specific acceptance of an invitation before a regular Facebook user can join the closed group.

The sole purpose of these profiles and pages is the attaching of different features and functions that is meant to increase user experience.

As a social media influencer, being well informed about the steps of the various new opportunities Facebook offers its users through profile management might be the breakthrough you need to heighten your social media presence.



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