facebook photo downloder

Facebook photo Downloader enables you to download photos from your favorite social media network. Facebook Photo Downloader, is easy to use, with no special permissions required. It is an app that integrates very well with Facebook with a limited user option.

facebook photo downloder

This app acts as a “Save” tool which enables users to download all photos from their Facebook account and thereafter save it on their devices.

Although it doesn’t offer much when it comes to interface, but it’s Firefox extension, helps users get a quick download of photo albums.

The user interface involves a link on the right-clicked menu. This Facebook Photo Downloader is suitable for any user and works well. This app, helps you download whole albums from Facebook.

Thus if you upload so many images, that you want to get back. Or is it pictures where friends tag you, during your best moments or some priceless photos of years ago that you desire to get back, Facebook offers an easy way to download the whole pack or single photo helping you keep your memories alive.

Facebook Photo Downloader – How to Download Facebook Photo Album

Downloading your own Album (  Web and All Browsers)

A Facebook feature has been introduced, which enables you to download your albums without the help of a third party app.

To begin;

  • Browse thru your profile, by tapping your own name
  • Proceed to “Photos> Albums”
  • Tap open the album you wish to download
  • At the top right corner, tap the cog icon and select “Download Album”
  • A pop up shows up at the bottom left corner. This indicates when your album is ready to download. Tap on it to start.
  • You will get a zipped file, which you can easily extract with an uncompressor.

Downloading your own Album (Android)

  • Get the app, from the play store.
  • Access it to your Facebook account, and all your albums will be seen
  • Swipe it from the left, to view photos you’ve tagged.

Every album, has a distinguishable cover photo and name, along with a distinct “Download” tab. Once you go thru all this, your album will be saved to your smartphone or tablet.

Downloading Other’s Albums, or Bulk Downloading all your Photos (Google Chrome) – Facebook Photo Downloader

Facebook photo downloader on Google Chrome extension is easy to use and enables you to download albums of other users.

  1. Install the chrome extension
  • Get Facebook refreshed if it’s already open
  • To download all photos, proceed to user’s photos. To download albums only, proceed to Photos> Albums. To download one album only, proceed to Photos> Albums and tap open that album
  • Tap the Ensky Album Downloader tab in your Chrome toolbar
  • Allow few minutes, Ensky will basically open all photos in a serial order, and thereafter, present them as a downloaded option
  • You can choose to download the photos as a Zip file or a whole pack of individual files.

After all these instructions have been adhered to, you can now be rest assured that your best captured moments are save with you.


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