Facebook Pages Manager App

Facebook Pages Manager App, is designed to manage pages and updating. Users are enabled to choose from a list of pages they manage, and start posting from it.

Facebook Pages Manager App

This app is designed to help Facebook page users manage their pages and everything in it with the aid of their smartphones or tablets. This app enables users easily update their pages, submit posts, share photos and videos, and get to interact with other page members by responding to their messages.

With this app on your phone, you can switch between accounts if you’re away from your laptop or work. It also offers a quick and convenient way of posting pictures.

Business users can cash in on this app by quickly uploading something or complete a request from a client that is urgent.

Users can view their lists of pages, view overviews of their pages insights, take a look at the list of page administrator, visit the help center, and review the privacy and legal notices from the main menu.

How to use Facebook Pages Manager App

After users tap on the individual page they desire to manage, the app navigates them to the wall of that page, where each individual post is listed. Thereafter, users can like, comment, and interact with content that has been posted by them, as well as ascertain how many people it has reached and how many people are talking about it.

Posts can be composed and shared by users. This is achieved, by users selecting the filter at the top-right corner, they can toggle between everyone’s posts, only the Page’s posts, and hidden posts.

Facebook Pages Manager App users, who tap on metrics highlighted by the grey bars, will be able to see more detailed overviews of those posts in terms of reach, engaged users, and people talking about this. This information can come in handy when users are working remotely and wish to view how content is doing before the access it thru the computer.

Users who tap the back option can go back to the stream of posts from their pages. Here, they can delete previous posts, by sliding their finger across the posts to the left or right. Administrator’s can also get into their Page’s overall analytics here, by tapping the grey bar below the names of their pages.

The page insights dashboard is where users receive a high-level look at how their pages are doing as regards total likes, people talking about this, weekly total reach, and trends in the past 14 days, highlighted by a small line graph. Also, percentages appear on the right-hand side of each of these metrics enabling users a quick glance at their pages performance

From the home screen, users can also see a list of admins of users that exist on the Facebook pages as a means of quickly checking who do or not have access to pages.


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