Facebook Mobile – Facebook is a social media platform that creates the means for friends and family to constantly reach out to each other over the internet. Facebook was created in 2004 with college students being the primary focus, by Mark Zuckerberg.

facebook mobile

This platform became hugely successful that even the uneducated became a huge part of this online community. Today, Facebook stands to be the world’s largest social media platform with more than 2billion registered monthly users.

As of date, having a Facebook account is more of a lifestyle than just a social act. This change in its original reason for being created brought up a necessary need. The need being that users from all works of life have to access this website. This also means Facebook has to make its platform widely accessible.

In response to this need, Facebook made it possible that desktop, laptop, tablets and smartphone users can easily access the website.

How Facebook Mobile Started

The spread of mobile phones came with the necessity for Facebook to upgrade its platform to the Facebook mobile era. Smartphones brought an end to the period of socializing where people visited cafés to interact with their virtual friends. Also having to be in their homes or a socially acceptable environment before they can bring out their laptop to socialize came to an end. Mobile and smartphones made Facebook work its way into the everyday users’ lives both on small and large screens.

This digital shift was necessary in order to stay relevant in the world of social networking. In 2007, 3 years after the platform was created Facebook announced on its blog that m.facebook.com was now active and functional. This service extension allows users access Facebook to do the following:

  • Upload Photos
  • Update Status
  • Send & Receive Messages
  • Pokes Other Members And
  • Send Sms

With time the Facebook mobile feature continued to enhance and become more dynamic to allow both the modern and obsolete devices access the platform.

Facebook Mobile, What Next?

From Facebook mobile, the social platform has shifted its focus to quite a number of achievements and inventions. From the mobile version they have brought about the following extensions:

  • Smartphone website iPhone.facebook.com for iPhone users
  • Comment section for every post
  • Facebook integrated mobile phone (INQ1)
  • Mobile apps for all smartphones (Apple, Nokia, Samsung, etc.)
  • Facebook app for all devices
  • Different app versions for Android and iOS devices
  • Facebook for dummies (to support obsolete devices)
  • Facebook messenger
  • Facebook reader app
  • Groups and Chatrooms
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Video Call
  • Facebook Live
  • …And lots More

Its no more news the number of people on Facebook today and how Facebook hit the record of 2 Billion active monthly users. It is solely because of its mobile version and its compatibility across all platforms and operating systems.


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