Facebook Gameroom

Facebook Gameroom is a population in the Facebook community whose interest is strictly on games. It is made up of different people from different parts of the world who come together as a group all for the purpose of;

  • Playing games
  • Sharing games
  • Watching games

Facebook Gameroom

The room provides you with latest games for you to enjoy. It is a great way to keep game lovers updated about the new games on board. Facebook deals with notification so, you have no problems with how you can get to know about these games. Funny enough it has been designed distinctly as an app you can get to download. Isn’t that beautiful? Am sure it is.

How to Install Facebook Gameroom

Unlike the usual method of downloading and installing games on our iOS and Android devices, Facebook Gameroom doesn’t involve using Playstores as usual. It was designed majorly for PC’s and this has to do with PC’s from window 7 and above. That means you get to enjoy the awesome experience on your personal computer rather than your smartphones. All it takes to download and install this gameroom are as follows;

  • Go to your default browser
  • Type in facebook.com/gameroom on the space provided for your URL search
  • Click on ‘download Gameroom’
  • Some basic instructions would be displayed
  • Just follow the instructions strictly
  • Download
  • And install

It is a very easy process and must be taken into consideration in case you want to help someone also. One exciting thing about this platform is that it gives the opportunity for you to know how good you are when it comes to gaming, this is to help you know your level of improvement over time. Anytime you go into your Facebook Gameroom, it displays your games and your current status (level) and your rewards.

Way to Play games on Facebook

Aside from Facebook Gameroom, other means through which you can get access to Facebook games are as follows;

  • Invites from friends
  • Facebook App Center

Your friends can invite you to come play a game they have been playing for some time and that is a great platform to battle with your friends on games and know who the game lord actually is. App Center, on the other hand, help you make a review of the games your friends are playing even without an invite. It is a Facebook page also.

I thought it wise at informing you that the gameroom isn’t yet available for Linux or Mac but we are hoping that it would be with time.

I hope you enjoyed knowing more about the Facebook Gameroom. Have nice day fellas!


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