Facebook Friend Request is an excellent way you can connect with friends all over the world just on Facebook. If you have been wondering how you could connect with old time friends, Facebook just made it more fun for you to get easily attached to those friends. Now, let’s see how this works.

Facebook Friend RequestHow Facebook Friend Request Works

It is easy to find friends on Facebook than on some other social media platforms. The reason is because,  majority of the users on Facebook make their identities know by using their real names as their users names. To get in touch with your friends, all you need are their names which Facebook uses as their usernames so no matter where they are around the world you can identify them. It makes it easier that way compared to you trying to get their contacts or their nicknames they use on some other social networks.

I have applied this when it comes to getting in touched with people I just met for the first time in a particular day. Sometimes, I get to have an amazing experience with these persons but forget to get their contacts. So, I just simply get on Facebook and search them out with their names and we get connected again.

How to Send Facebook Friend Request

The steps to sending a Facebook Friend Request is one of the easiest functions used in finding a friend on Facebook. Just follow these steps;

  • Login to Facebook
  • At the top of your Facebook page, you going to see a search menu with the word ‘search’ in it
  • Type in the name of your friend
  • Options will pop up(referrals)e
  • Click on that which is actually your friend by using their Facebook Profile Picture as an identity.

If the person didn’t upload his or her profile photo, you can click on each referral and carefully search for your friend using the info’s on his or her profile.

  • After Clicking, the person’s page is going to open up and just beneath your friends profile picture, you will see the option ‘Add Friend’. Click on it and you going to have your request set.

It’s that easy!

Sometimes, Facebook makes it even easier for you to find friends just by using auto-suggestion. That is, they send you friend suggestions just by using mutual friendship. Also, when you have a friend request you can just accept it by clicking ‘Confirm’ when it comes up on the friend request icon.


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