Create New Facebook Account today just with ease. You may be a business fella today and have been thinking about opening another Facebook account all for the sake of business. Do not worry am here to give you a detailed explanation on how you can go about this without consulting anyone. Facebook now has other offers that will help you enjoy their services even more. Check this out.

Create New Facebook Account

Steps To Create New Facebook Account

Several protocols must be observed for this creation to take place. The following steps need to be taken to Create New Facebook Account;

  • Log on to
  • You will see the option ‘Sign Up’ and ‘Log in’
  • Choose ‘Sign Up’
  • You will see information you have to fill in which is very important for your profile (Name, Email or Phone number, Date of birth, Nationality, Gender)
  • Click next and you will see some transcript you would be asked to enter
  • After that choose your password and confirm it.
  • Tap Sign Up

That is all friends but it should be noted that Facebook makes use of your profile to help you get connected with friends. So, it is advised you complete your Facebook profile by getting on your profile page after creating your new account to add things like profile picture or video, cover picture, place of work, school or school attended etc.

Sometimes, Facebook even gives you the suggestion to complete your profile. At the level your profile is been completed, it will notify you. Like sometimes when I go to my Facebook profile page I see the option ‘Complete profile’ and a notification saying only 75% of your profile has been completed.

Facebook App

When you Create New Facebook Account, you can enjoy it even better on your mobile devices. It has been designed as an app to give you easy access to Facebook at any time so you can relieve yourself the difficulty of using a default browser to log in.

And you should note that you can’t enjoy Facebook on your default browser like when you are using your mobile device when it is an app. This is because when you use a default browser on your device you can’t save things like photos but when you use the Facebook App you can.

The Facebook App is available on your Apple and Android stores. You also can download your Facebook Messenger App


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